Katherine’s Photos has moved!

Hi all! If you are looking for Katherine’s Photos, my photo posts on a theme, I have moved them all over to my kids and art site, Benny the Blue Whale, at http://www.bennythebluewhale.com, so please visit me over there and see what’s happening!

The photo posts will continue there but will be interspersed with “wordy” posts about parenting, kids, art or a combination thereof. Come join us. 🙂



Back in 2013 I did a photo challenge which had me taking snaps of everything green that came into my field of vision. But one colour that always catches my attention is turquoise, so I thought it would be nice to revive this blog with a selection of photos featuring my fave colour:

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands
Store on Portobello Road, London, England
Store on Portobello Road, London, England
West Bay beach
West Bay beach, Cayman Islands
Fishbowl pub, Brighton, England
Blue Hawaii cocktail, Oahu, Hawaii
Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake, Banff, Alberta
Concert lights
Rock show lights, Calgary, Canada

52 Creative Prompts – week 3

So sometimes I won’t be too inspired and just won’t get around to posting whatever I created or thought about creating that week. This is the case with week 2, seeing/sight/vision. So it’s on to week 3, the prompt for which was a tea bag. I could have gone a few different ways with this, but I thought one of the prettiest things I could do was showcase the interior of a tea bag, as I have some really pretty herbal tea in the cupboard at the moment. When I realized this would also be the quickest one to complete, my decision was made! 😉

So here’s my photo of a tea bag. It would have been nice if I had thought to turn out the overhead lights and clear the counter a little better, but next time!

Herbal tea bag
Tea bag prompt – week 3